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Mbe Sinju P Lekealem of Nkah-Njenquine

Prince Sinju Azongankwette was the son of Fontem Asonganyi and Aminawung daughter of Pa Nkemtoh. Prince Sinju was a hero, a great craftsman and a great dancer as well served his father unconditionally, which earned him an unthinkable and indisputable reward and gift of the Royal dance Alluachaba dance because of this bravery, Fontem Asonganyi authorized him to put his Big Drum Nkhangei at his entrance even though he was not Fua or Nkem.

Prince Sinju Azongankwette died around 1967 and was succeeded by his son Mbe Sinju P Lekealem. During the reign of Mbe Sinju P Lekealem, he continued serving Fontem Defang, Fontem Njifua and presently Fontem Asabatong before his transition to eternity on Sunday, June 25th-2023. He had 2 wives, 14 children, 40 Grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren.

Today Prince Sinju Azongankwette's Royal lineage has over 500 people and FamilyBuch will look forward to documenting his entire lineage.

1. Prince Mbe Sinju Azongankwette's Auto Biography by, Mbe Tawung

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