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A brief history of Mount Cameroon

Mount Cameroon, also known as Mount Fako or by its native name Mongo ma Ndemi („Mountain of Greatness“) (wiki), is a volcanic massif of southwestern Cameroon that rises to a height of 13,435 feet (4,095 metres) and extends 14 miles (23 km) inland from the Gulf of Guinea.

It is the highest peak in sub-Saharan western and central Africa and the westernmost extension of a series of hills and mountains that form a natural boundary between northern Cameroon and Nigeria.

The Englishman Sir Richard Burton (1821–1890) climbed to his peak in 1861.

It is an active Volcano. It is referred to as Cameroon Volcanic Line, which also includes Lake Nyos (wiki). The city of Buea is at the South-East slope of the mountain, and the port of Limbe (formerly Victoria) lies at its southern foot. The side of the mountain facing the sea has a mean annual precipitation level of more than 405.5 inches (10,299 mm) and is one of the wettest places in the world, called Debundscha. The rich volcanic soils of the mountain are home to bananas, rubber, oil palms, tea and cocoa; the valleys are used as grazing land.

The first written narrative of volcanic activity was recorded in the 5th century BC by the Carthaginian explorer Hanno the navigator. (Carthage was a colony in present-day Tunisia, which later became a city-state and then an empire).

There were also moderate explosive and effusive eruptions that took place throughout history from the vents of the summits and flanks. The first was reported in 1909, 1922, 1954, 1959 and 1982 when there was an eruption on the southwest side that produced a flow of lava that reached the Atlantic coast. Furthermore, in the 1999 eruption, this time from the south side, the lava stream stopped surprisingly only 200 meters (660 feet) from the sea, cutting off the coastal road.

There is the annual “Mount Cameroon Race of Hope”. He brought fame to Sarah Etonge, who won the race on seven occasions and is known as the queen of the mountain. Hunting is one of the main economic activities of people living around the mountain, and agriculture is also another important activity that thrives around the mountain.

The story of Mount Cameroon will not be complete without speaking of the legendary Lekunze Timothy of Lebialem. Timothy Lekunze went down in history by winning the Mount Cameroon Race twice. In 1986, he covered the 36km in 3hrs: 47ms: 59s, and beat his own record in 1987 with 3hrs: 46ms: 34s.

Male Winners

Years Times Name Country
1973 5h:47m:00s EKEMA John CAMEROON
1976 4h:37m:00s REV. STIFTER Walter ITALIAN CLERGY
1977 4h:19m:00s REV. STIFTER Walter ITALIAN CLERGY
1978 4h:19m:16s REV. STIFTER Walter ITALIAN CLERGY
1982 4h:21m:30s NDIVE Simon YONDE CAMEROON
1983 4h:33m:00s MONYONGE Gobina FRANZ CAMEROON
1984 4h:06m:32s Mike SHORT GREAT BRITAIN
1985 3h:56m:17s Mike SHORT GREAT BRITAIN
1986 3h:47m:59s Timothy LEKU LEKUNZE CAMEROON
1987 3h:46m:34s Timothy LEKU LEKUNZE CAMEROON
1988 3h:51m:47s ESUKA Reginald CAMEROON
1989 3h:47m:35s Jack MAITLAND GREAT BRITAIN
1990 4h:44m:13s GOBET ¨Pierre André SWITZERLAND
1992 4h:32m:13s TATAH Thomas CAMEROON
1993 - 1995 00h:00m:00s No mountain race ...............
1996 4h:29m:13s TATA Thomas CAMEROON
1997 4h:46m:27s TANGWO TAWE Linus II CAMEROON
1998 4h:32m:07s TATA Thomas CAMEROON
1999 4h:31m:57s KONGNUY SHEY Joseph CAMEROON
2000 4h:37m:51s KONGNUY SHEY Joseph CAMEROON
2001 4h:34m:19s TEDJIOZEM Dominique CAMEROON
2002 4h:41m:50s KONGNUY SHEY Joseph CAMEROON
2004 4h:30m:39s NGONGHAPONGHA Charles CAMEROON
2005 4h:20m:58s TEDJIOZEM Dominique CAMEROON
2006 4h:23m:38s BONGKINUYI Januarus A CAMEROON
2007 4h:30m:18s BONGKINUYI Januarus A CAMEROON
2008 4h:35m:50s NGONGHAPONGHA Charles CAMEROON
2009 4h:36m:16s VOFFO MOMO Ernest CAMEROON
2010 4h:36m:09s DIVEN WIRBA Joseph CAMEROON
2011 4h:29m:09s MBATCHA Eric CAMEROON
2012 Not up to the submit GAPSIBUM Godlove CAMEROON
2013 4h:31m:54s GAPSIBUM Godlove CAMEROON
2015 4h:32m:12s GAPSIBUM Godlove CAMEROON
2016 4h:30m:16s NDUNGEH Simplice CAMEROON

Female Winners

Years Times Name Country
1983 5h:38m:00s MOJOKO NGONJA Emilia CAMEROON
1984 5h:44m:57s NJIE EWELISANE Sarah CAMEROON
1985 5h:38m:00s MOJOKO NGONJA Emilia CAMEROON
1986 6h:20m:03s MOJOKO NGONJA Emilia CAMEROON
1987 5h:45m:15s EMBELLE ETONGE Christina CAMEROON
1988 5h:09m:17s DIAMENTIDES Helene GREAT BRITAIN
1989 4h:42m:00s RUEDA Fabiola ARGENTINA
1992 6h:23m:21s EMBELLE ETONGE Christina CAMEROON
1996 6h:25m:21s LIENGU ETONGE Sarah CAMEROON
1997 6h:25m:25s LIENGU ETONGE Sarah CAMEROON
1998 5h:48m:25s LIENGU ETONGE Sarah CAMEROON
1999 5h:24m:12s LIENGU ETONGE Sarah CAMEROON
2000 5h:44m:39s NGWANG Catherine CAMEROON
2001 5h:21m:42s LIENGU ETONGE Sarah CAMEROON
2002 5h:20m:03s NGWANG Catherine CAMEROON
2003 5h:26m:14s LIENGU ETONGE Sarah CAMEROON
2004 5h:29m:05s NGWANG Catherine CAMEROON
2005 5h:38m:06s LIENGU ETONGE Sarah CAMEROON
2006 5h:32m:04s TARI WIRNGO Immaculate CAMEROON
2007 5h:29m:48s NGWANG Catherine CAMEROON
2008 5h:39m:22s NGWANG Catherine CAMEROON
2009 5h:22m:25s NGWAYA Yvonne CAMEROON
2010 5h:28m:07s NGWAYA Yvonne CAMEROON
2011 5h:33m:54s NGWAYA Yvonne CAMEROON
2012 Not up to the summit NGWAYA Yvonne CAMEROON
2013 5h:32m:23s NGWAYA Yvonne CAMEROON
2014 5h:22m:00s Lissette NGALIM CAMEROON
2015 5h:32m:10s NGWAYA Yvonne CAMEROON
2016 5h:21m:31s NGWAYA Yvonne CAMEROON


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